Turmeric for dogs

Amazing Benefits of Turmeric for Your Dog

Is your dog having trouble playing with you lately? Acting lazy to do the usual run routine? Then your dog might be suffering from joint pain or inflammation.

As we need vitamins and minerals to conquer the day and to stay healthy and fit, our dogs need it too! As our dog ages, they can also suffer from joint pain and inflammation like every human can.

If you think your dog is suffering from these kinds of pain, you’re just on the right page to learn about the benefits of turmeric and its uses for greater pet care.

What is Turmeric?

Turmeric or also known yellow ginger is an asian plant belonging to the ginger family. It has a deep yellow color where its powderized version is usually used to add color and flavor to any asian dish.

It is a medicinal herb known due to its healing properties and active ingredients called curcumin.

Now that you already know a bit about turmeric, let me help you learn the different benefits of turmeric for your dog!

Benefits of Turmeric for your dog

Turmeric is widely known to give the following benefits for your dog:

  • Turmeric can help maintain a healthy cartilage
  • Helps your dog to maintain connective tissues
  • Helps your dog to fight free radicals
  • Can help your dog to relieve joints and muscle pain
  • And helps your dog have a healthy inflammatory response.
  • Helps decrease gas formation
  • Lowers cholesterol;
  • And improves your dog’s digestion

As mentioned above, turmeric helps maintain a healthy body response for your dog and gives a lot of benefits for your dog’s care.

Now that you know the list of benefits of turmeric for your dog, you might ask how turmeric works?

Just like us, we reached a certain age where we experience signs of aging. And as our dogs age, they can experience their system slowing down too!

Some of the things they experience are joints and muscle pain, and they become vulnerable to stress from free radicals and tissue damages.

Worry no more! Good thing that turmeric shares a lot of benefits to keep your dog healthy and strong.

How does Turmeric work for your dog?

For human consumption, turmeric has been widely known to help relieve inflammation, has the potential to improve your heart’s help and scientifically proven to prevent alzheimers and cancer.

Other than these, turmeric can also help fight antioxidants that our body may have. And as to your dogs, turmeric is safe and beneficial using small quantities of it.

It is easier to give turmeric for your dog when it’s in a supplement form made exactly for your dog. By these, you can make sure that the amount of turmeric being taken by your dog has an accurate amount of dose for your dog’s weight and needs.

While some dog owners rave about the golden paste for their dogs.

What is a Golden Paste?

A golden paste is a powderized yellow ginger mixed together with water, coconut oil and mixed and boiled in a pan with medium heat for 7-10 minutes. However, using this method may not always be advisable for your lovely dogs.

Knowing that turmeric has a lot of benefits and is safe for your dog’s health, some say that turmeric paste is for topical use.

While turmeric offers a lot of benefits for humans and for your dog’s consumption, you may consider learning some of the things to consider before buying and using turmeric for your dog.

One of the things you must consider are the possible side effects of turmeric to your dog.

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Now that you know the benefits of turmeric and how it works for your dog, here are the lists of possible side effects of turmeric to your dog.

Possible Side Effects of Turmeric to your dog

Turmeric is confirmed as safe for your dog’s consumption and it helps your dogs in many beneficial ways. But, that doesn’t mean that it may not have possible side effects to your lovely dogs.

Some of the possible side effects of turmeric to your dog are:

  • Stomach constipation

One of the reasons why your dog may feel constipated right after taking turmeric is the inaccurate dose of it. Especially if the turmeric is not in a supplement form for your dog. As mentioned above, proper dosage of turmeric must be accurate based on your dog’s weights and needs.

  • Kidney stones

Let’s not think about the worst cases here. However, if your dog is vulnerable to kidney stones, I can say that turmeric supplements may be a contributing factor to make this worse as it can increase urinary oxalate levels.

So before purchasing turmeric supplements for your dog’s consumption, it is better for your dog to have their regular check ups and their vet’s prescription first.

Right Dosage of Turmeric For your Dog

So what’s the secret about the proper use and dosage of turmeric supplements for your dog?

The best way to fight these turmeric side effects is to make sure your dog is taking the right dosage. As a dog owner, it is very important that you know the proper dosage of turmeric according to your dog’s weight and needs.

To make you guided, here is the correct turmeric dosage for your dog.

If your dog’s weight is around 10kg, the proper amount of turmeric to be taken is ¼ tsp (half turmeric tablet) while ½ tsp (1 turmeric tablet) for dogs who weigh around 11-20 kilogram.

And for dogs weighing around 21-40 kilogram, ¾ tsp (2 tablets) of turmeric is prescribed and lastly if your dog weighs around 41kg and above, 1 tsp (2 or more tablet) of turmeric will do.

Not every dog has the same weight and needs so it is better to have the accurate dosage of turmeric based on your vet’s prescription, as well as the recommended dosage based on your chosen turmeric supplement for your dog.



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