Probiotics for dogs

Probiotic and Digestive Enzyme Blend

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  • Covers Four Strains of Bacteria and seven strains of Digestive Enzymes to aid with Digestion.
  • Probiotics are micro-encapsulated which protects the bacteria from harsh conditions in the stomach ( high temperature, PH) and allows them to be released at a controlled rate.
Photo by Stan Shebs, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Contains Yucca Schidigera to reduce odours, aids in Digestion and provides a Natural Anti-Inflammatory effect. Yucca root is also rich in saponins, antioxidants, beta-carotenes, Vitamin C and B, calcium, manganese, magnesium and iron. It has a positive effect on the body’s detoxification and immunity function. It works to control stool smell by altering the production of hydrogen sulfide in your dog’s gut, which is what causes smelly stool. It may also reduce ammonia production, which also affects stool smell. Some studies have also shown that it can be beneficial to joint health in dogs. It controls joint problems due its natural anti-inflammatory activity. It also contains antioxidants, which may also be helpful for joint problems.

Probiotics contain Organic Flaxseed. There are many nutritional benefits of Flaxseed for dogs which include the following:

  • Healthy Skin and Shiny Coat
    Flaxseed contains Omega Fatty Acids and is especially high in Omega 6 Fatty Acid LinoleIc Acid. Linoleic Acid helps to support skin hydration, improve healing and reduce inflammation. It is commonly used to reduce dry, Flay, skin issues in dogs and help support healing and maintenance for dogs with seasonal allergies.
  • Immune System Support
    Flaxseed is high in several antioxidants. One in particular, called Lignans, helps defend against cell oxidation and disease-causing cells, free radicals. The protection that these antioxidants provide supports your dog’s immune system and long-term health.
  • Healthy Digestion
    Flaxseed is high in fiber, a necessary nutrient for healthy digestion. Approximtely 20% of the fiber is soluble and 80% is insoluble. Soluble fiber helps regulate the speed of digestion while insoluble fibers add bulk to the stool for healthier bowel movements. This can help provide relief for dogs dealing with either loose stool or constipation and also helps your dog maintain a healthy weight.
  • Hip and Joint Aid
    The omega fatty acids in Flaxseed help reduce inflammation, relieve pain and keep your dog active. Alpha-Linolenic Acid ( ALA), the most abundant Omega 3 Fatty Acid in Flaxseed contributes a great deal to it’s anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Nutrient Booster
    On top of all the health benefits, flaxseed is full of various essential vitamins and minerals that your dog uses to support various systems in the body. Here are a few of the nutrients that flaxseed offers
  • Magnesium-Supports bone health
  • Choline-Part of healthy liver and brain function.
  • Manganese-Aids in nutrient absorption and anti-oxidant processes.
  • Thiamine (Vitamin B1)-Supports metabolism and nerve function
  • Phosphorus – Bone and Tissue Maintenance.


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