Do I need to give my Dog Supplementation at an early age?

Most pet owners don’t think about joint supplements until they notice signs of pain or decreased mobility. It is estimated that one in five dogs one year and older already have some degree of osteoarthritis and 90 percent of older dogs have osteoarthritis.. Osteoarthritis can occur in one or more joints. However, pets are very good at hiding pain and the onset of osteoarthritis is slow. By the time you notice the signs, your pet is already experiencing joint degeneration. In fact, deterioration of joint cartilage occurs naturally as the body ages because the body’s ability to produce glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM slows down.

Supplementing young dogs is important to ensure the joints and bones develop properly. Hip dysplasia is often the result of improper development of the joints during maturation. A proactive approach can decrease the likelihood of hip and joint complications in a pet’s later years. Using Healthy and Young Whole Body Supplement on a daily basis at a young age will prevent or significantly reduce the effects and severity of joint deterioration, osteoarthritis, and dysplasia as an animal ages.

How much do I give my dog?
Is It for all dogs?

“Healthy and Young Whole body supplement” is for all dogs of all breeds, sizes and age. The supplement supports and maintains all aspects of your dogs health which include preventing and treating joint problems, digestive health support and many other health conditions that your dog will experience in their life.

Is it from a reliable and consistent manufacturing source?

Pure grade pharmaceutical ingredients are used which are backed up by a certificate of analysis for each ingredient. The supplement is also produced in a Canadian GMP accredited facility and is registered as a Veterinary Health Product with Health Canada.



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