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While working in the dog training and boarding services Industry and through his dog ownership experience, Our Co-founder Mina saw a dire need for a supplement that helps treat and prevent common dog problems. He then partnered with our Co-founder Dr. Robert Nashat, a compounding pharmacist with experience in the veterinary field, to develop a dog supplement formula that is unmatched by covering many aspects of a dog’s health. Our team chose the best ingredients and combinations to assure the best results. After years of perfecting and testing the formula, Health Canada Approved the All-In-One Supplement to be sold to Dog Owners and Caregivers throughout Canada.


Formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients and manufactured in a GMP Canadian Facility. Ingredients are also pharmaceutical grade, backed with a certificate of analysis for each ingredient.


Health Canada approved formula that has many ingredients that will benefit your dog combined into one product.


Our experience with dogs and health made us the ideal team to put together this formula.

Meet Our Founders


Mina El Meniawy

It was through personal desperation combined with professional tenacity that “Dogs Reformed Healthy and Well” was inspired – and sometimes, that’s the best possible inspiration.
In 2017, I received the devastating news that my lead dog, and sweet best friend, Jolie was diagnosed with cancer. The news left me angry, confused and in complete despair, as such news would leave any dog owner in my position. We get caught in the heart-wrenching loop of questions on how we can save our dog, or at least ease their pain during their last days. That’s when I decided to pause all other projects and focus all my energy on creating an incredible all-in-one whole body supplement.
Through this inspiration, “Healthy and Young Whole Body Supplement” was created. This all-in-one product has shown astonishing results that would never before have been possible without the administration of several pills a day. Mobility improves dramatically and the dog becomes more focused, alert and independent. In addition, dogs love the taste and are eagerly willing to have the product conveniently added to their food. It is without reservation that I confidently recommend this incredible supplement so as to give any dog the opportunity to feel Healthy and Young again.


Dr. Robert Nashat

Dr.Robert Nashat is a compounding pharmacist who received his Doctor of Pharmacy from the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in 2009. He received his veterinary compounding pharmacy training in 2018 and owns multiple compounding pharmacies across the GTA which provide compounding services to veterinary hospitals. He has received multiple awards in the community for his work including the Reader’s Choice Award for one of the best Pharmacists in Oakville for 8 of the past 9 years. His pharmacy has also been voted as one of the Best Pharmacies in Oakville for the past 9 years. By combining his pharmaceutical knowledge along with Mina’s incredible expertise,success and passion in the dog business, the two were able to create a Health Canada Approved formula that covers all aspects of a dog’s health.

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